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I Want to Live, Too

Humans and animals have lived side by side for many years. Animals enrich our lives and help us understand the natural world around us. They have emotions, feeling, sense just like human. Animals like dog and cat deserve to be treated with love and care because they are pet animals, especially all lives are equal. Meat is a part of human nutrition, however, pet animals that people love and care for are not meant to be eaten. In Cambodia, small amount of people still uses dog and cat meat for food while others are trying to protect it. Therefore, we want to spread awareness of "Animals lives matter". Project “I want to love, too” aim to convey the life of stray dogs and cats that have been trafficked for money, killed for food, abandoned by owners in the street.

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Kam Nanitsara


Pheng Teppisey


Song Seangly


Leng Arita

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