• Where was the Waste from?

    The purpose of the project “Where Was the Waste From?” Was to present an image that reflects aspects of the waste source, both directly and indirectly. 

  • Life in Three eras

    Life of human changed, the social behavior innovated, the precision of human condition wasn’t sustainable. We used to live in peaceful, fully in harmony in our country during 1960s. But everything changed in just a blink of an eye.

  • Little Dancer 

    The sound of bamboo stick hitting the floor, Little Dancer Sen SreyYa, a 5 grader with the soft pose, dancing along with the classmates’ harmonies. Her talent and love for Khmer traditional dance drive SreyYa to put more effort.

  • I am Social Media

    In digital field, we mainly focus on technological devices and social media platforms. We as a team want to use the creativity that could express the current issue relating to the two on people through photos.

  • Same World, Different Fate

    Description Children were born with rights as everyone. Those rights are created to protect them from any threats. All regions have included children's rights into their constitution.

  • A Piece of the City

    A piece of the city is a name showing about space between people who live in Phnom Penh City and people who live on the boat, fishing along Tonle Chaktomuk of Phnom Penh City which no one interested in.

  • The Darkroom Exit

    In Cambodian society nowadays, depression is attacking a large number of people, no matter who they live in. The theme of the "Escape from the Dark Room" depicts a woman facing academic issues.

  • Our Uniform, Our Identity

    One slogan has been said “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” is absolutely right because both knowledge and personality could not demonstrate totally through appearance. Yet clothes still play a vital role in identifying individual self-image.

  • The fiber of powder forms into one to create the coil of noodle which Cambodian like to eat.

  • Cyclo’s Loops

    Grandfather, Mr. Preap Pok whose age is 80 is working as Cyclo driver to support the life. Everyday, grandfather whirlshis Cyclo’s loops to drive the 
    customers from dawn to sunset. Nevertheless, he meets plenty of obstacles 
    Hence forth, our team decide to display the factual life of grandfather.

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