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In our lives, there has been a time when we felt that our lives weren't good enough, forgetting that it is a dream to others. While we are living and having freedom to choose what we want, other people's lives are dependent on the things that were given to them only. Due to this, our group has decided to develop a topic about the day-to-day activities of people living in an old, dilapidated building that has recently been discovered to be sinking and may collapse at any time. Living a life with little options, they had no choice but to continue living in this crowded city as if everything were alright, despite their heavy heart, unemployment and starvation filled with loneliness. We hope that via our project, we can portrait another side of our society that we fail to see, the life we believed to be the same is therefore not.

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Khon Raksa


Man Fayanin


Thon Veasna

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