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Sudden Disconnection

“Until this thing is gone” is how we comfort one another during the Pandemic life. We were forced to adapt to a life we have never imagined before. In adulthood, we are supposed to enjoy college life, work hard while playing hard, and prepare ourselves for career life. Suddenly, we are disconnected, for good. Waking up to an exotic life. Starting the day in the same place. Doing the same thing repeatedly every day. We are uncertain whether 2022 or 2023 is the year we are getting back to our life. We have never admitted that we are unable to go back. Never. Until there is another stage of life where we adapt ourselves and live there. Surviving in the dark time, we are still alive. It is called "The Better New Normal".

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Iea Sonita


Yama Doungchan Pisey


Sours Thida


Bean Seynak


Sen Somalida

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