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Life in 3 Eras

Life of human changed, the social behavior innovated, the precision of human condition wasn’t sustainable. We used to live in peaceful, fully in harmony in our country during 1960s. But everything changed in just a blink of an eye. In the dark era of 3 year 8 months and 20days in Khmer Rouge, we tried to survive deadly. But we are as Cambodians never have felt hopeless of fighting for our survival ; as the result, the goodness and excitement ​in our country came back again, which bring back again the harmony and shine until today. We are appreciated and remembered all those experiences and those are all about the life in 3 eras of our project.

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Ros Puthinaraut

Som Dara

Teo Soucheng

Rin Sethneary

Uy Sothea

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